Why should I use a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor?

Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisors* have a fiduciary responsibility to choose investments that are in your best interest.

Onyx Financial Advisors is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor. This means that neither the advisors nor the firm receive any commissions for the investment recommendations we make to you. We don’t accept compensation from any brokerage firm, mutual fund company, or insurance company. We’re only paid by you, through your standard asset management fee.

This approach reassures you that we truly represent you with no conflicts of interest. Simply put, we believe that the greater an advisor’s dependence on commission income, the greater the conflict. In the end, that conflict can cost you both in out-of-pocket expenses and in the quality of advice you receive.

As an Onyx client, you only pay a periodic fee that is based on a percentage of your assets under our management. The fee includes all the services we offer so you receive the maximum benefit of working with registered investment advisors who are also CPAs. We want you to benefit fully by taking advantage of our comprehensive 360° wealth management, which goes well beyond just investment advice.

This fee structure also provides you with full transparency and no surprises; you always know exactly how much you’ll pay for your financial services. And you never have to worry about us recommending investment options or insurance products that aren’t in your very best interest.

For more information on fiduciary responsibility, see “What is ‘Fiduciary Standard of Care’ and how does it affect me?

*A Registered Investment Advisor must be licensed and register with the state or SEC.